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DappledProductions's News

Posted by DappledProductions - 1 month ago

Hey all,

Our trailer for the Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution ReAnimated Collab just dropped. Do us a favour and shoot it some love if you can. Also, if you're an animator looking to stretch your skills and build up your list of scenes, consider jumping into the Discord and joining us as a contributing artist!



Posted by DappledProductions - June 23rd, 2022


Hey all,

We're on the hunt for some new animators to take on some extra scenes in the Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution ReAnimated Collab.

To apply, jump into the discord server and hit up the mods with a demo reel/sample of your existing work. Once you're given the ok, you can pick out one of the remaining scenes and confirmation will be given for you to start working.

As an added incentive, there is a prize of $150 USD (to be transferred via PayPal online) for the animator who has completed the most shots to a satisfactory standard by the time the collab has completed. So grab yer stylus and your best ripped jeans and jump on in and join the crew!

Discord server:


Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution (Official Video)


Posted by DappledProductions - April 17th, 2022

G'day ya great pack of flamin' galah's.

I'm finally at the end of the beginning stages of putting together a pilot episode of my shitty Ozzy animation series idea which is being done for uni this year.

I'm in need of around 4-5 different Ozzy male VAs for the various main characters of the episode:

  • Logan "the bogan": Deep, rough us guts broad Ozzy accent, swearing like a sailor, constantly pissed off. You know, a typical bogan.

  • Rainbow: Laid-back, easy going, philosophical stoner. Hates conflict. Veteran psychonaut. Mild Ozzy accent.

  • Vinny: Alt-right, conspiracy theory/deep state buff, NFTs and crypto fan. The problems always with the world at large, never with himself. Inner-city cat through and through. Cosmopolitan Ozzy accent.

  • Crystal: Goth, gamer girl, esoteric. HP Lovecraft and chill. Fully charged crystals placed strategically on laylines will save the world. Vinny's gf

  • Andre "sex on legs" McNash: Horny, bisexual, poliamorous, party-loving surfer guy. All about enjoying his life. Confident, sarcastic, throaty Ozzy accent.

I can't afford to pay a huge amount, but this is a paid gig. If interested, send samples of your work and if I think you're a good fit, we can talk more about rates of pay and the project expectations.

Cheers mates.


Posted by DappledProductions - June 23rd, 2021

Hey 90s Grunge kids, I've recently become a mod for the Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution ReAnimated collab.


We're still looking for more animators to take on scenes. If yer keen to lend yer talents to making this thing epic, check out the socials:

NG: https://dotheevolutioncollab.newgrounds.com/

Twatter: https://twitter.com/DoTheEvolution4

Discord: https://discord.gg/GSq4Awt3CR




Posted by DappledProductions - May 30th, 2021

Am currently in the process of contacting Australian animators (from present day stretching back to the 70s (possibly 60s depending on how things go)) as I’m hoping to put on a 12+ hour online Youtube livestream of collected Australian animations towards the end of the year (probably around Christmas time as generally more people off work means more eyeballs on screens).

It will be a tour de force of Ozzy animation throughout the years and will introduce people to the wide array of animation talent that has existed and/or currently exists on this sunburnt rock.

The stream would randomly show content from a massive array of contributing creators who have agreed to be on board so there would never be a doubling up of two videos in a row from any one artist/creator, and it will continue through the day until all videos are completed.

It is my hope that as well as being an amazing tribute to all the creative people of this country, it would also bring fresh eyes to established creators and to bring more eyes to people who are starting out or early on in their creative journeys.

If you would like to contribute content or know someone who you think should be included in the growing lineup, get in touch and let me know!

I've already come across so much mind-blowing talent from all parts of Oz and I've only just started to scratch the surface!

Set aside a day for this one in December for an amazing and wild ride through the Ozzy Id.iu_317755_5288267.png



Posted by DappledProductions - April 28th, 2021

Break from uni work means a little more time for personal projects. This is a shot from a short animation that's been on the backburner a while. Hopefully out in a week or two



Posted by DappledProductions - March 18th, 2021

iu_260395_5288267.jpgGetting to the end of the first segment of the Pearl Jam Do The Evolution ReAnimated. If I'm spared enough time from other projects, may put hand up for more scenes. There's more to be done for anyone who's keen to lend their skills to gettin her done!



Posted by DappledProductions - March 4th, 2021

If there's any animated lovers of Pearl Jam out there, the Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution ReAnimated Collab is open and looking for inspired animators to get involved. Jump right in n get your kicks, kids <3



Posted by DappledProductions - January 14th, 2021

Hey meatsacks,

I'm having a practice go at writing some scripts for a project and it turns out there's a scene where there's a bunch of people tripping on a loungeroom floor. Would be great to have some real life inspired crazy psychadelic scenes in there. So please shoot me your best nutty/zanny/weird/wonderful/scary/bizarre/etc psychadelic stories here or via PM and if they're good, I can include them in the scene~




Posted by DappledProductions - January 5th, 2021


Hey mates,

Tryna learn to play the online social media/platforming game this year and push to produce more content n get more subscribers if possible. Do an old dog a favour n follow me Youtube channel if ya can. In exchange you get the warm fuzzies of knowing yer encouraging a (bullshit) artist at his work and you'll be first notified whenever my brain farts out a new project. Mwazies ox